Food and Drink on the Trans-Siberian

Enjoy Regional Cuisine

On your private train, expect classic Russian fare, which expertly combines potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, fish and meat. Off the train, be sure to sample some Russian Black Bread (a dense rye bread) with butter. Also try smoked omul (a local fish) at Lake Baikal, which they serve either hot or cold. And don't forget the Blini! (Russian pancakes, sometimes made from cottage cheese.) A *vodka tasting is inescapable, and it’s always 80 proof. Be sure to try the local flavors, made from cranberry or pine. For a non-alcoholic drink, try Kvass (aka ‘Russian cola’), a carbonated, fermented bread-based drink.

In Mongolia, be brave and taste the array of yak milk-derived products, such as aaruul (dried curd), yoghurt and suutei tsai (tea with milk).

In China, avoid the very sweet red wine and sample the beer instead—Tsingtao is a decent choice. In Beijing, the signature dish is Peking duck.

Food Facts

  • 42 meals included during the tour according to itinerary. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • All meals included, menus with culinary specialties of Russia, Mongolia and China
  • Mineral water and juice are included in meal prices
  • Food served on board the Tsar's Gold private train is sourced from local markets and prepared fresh daily

Restaurant Cars

The restaurant car also serves as a bar waggon, so before and after meals you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and have a nice conversation with fellow travellers as you collect unique impressions

Dine in our lovingly designed restaurant wagons and enjoy finest local cuisine and drinks served by courteous waiters

Meal times are indicated in the daily schedule. Because of the limited seating capacity, meals may sometimes have to be served in two sittings. In this case, sittings will be switched around halfway through the trip. If you are part of the first group to eat, please make your seat is available to others 45 minutes after breakfast, and one hour after lunch and dinner. This way we can guarantee a smooth meal service for passengers in the second group.

restaurant car

For Guests with Dietary Restrictions

If you require vegetarian meals or have any other dietary requirements, please inform us before the journey so that the chef can take your needs into account. Please bear in mind that certain special food items like gluten- or lactose-free products are not readily available in Russia, Mongolia or China. Also, labeling obligations may not be as strict as you are accustomed to.


Tastings on Board

A social get-together complete with caviar and vodka tasting on board the train makes you familiar with Russian hospitality.

Red Caviar

Since 2008 black caviar is no longer served on the Tsar's Gold as sales are now forbidden in Russia. The sturgeon is facing extinction after decades of overfishing and is now a protected species. Instead, we serve red caviar, which we believe you enjoy just as much.

Russian Vodka

Vodka is a drink that accompanies Russians through all the ups and downs of life. Russia produces hundreds of different brands of vodka. On board of the Tsar's Gold private train, you'll learn about the famous and authentic Russian vodka.

Red caviar
Russian Vodka

Additional Culinary Events

Picnic on Lake Baikal

If the night is warm, your dinner will be served as a picnic on the shores of the spectacular lake before re-boarding the train.

Mongolian Picnic in a Yurt

A picnic lunch in a yurt is followed by a demonstration of Mongolian horsemanship and the traditional wrestling match. Try some lamb in milk, a culinary specialty of Mongolia. Or, for the brave of heart, there’s always kumys (fermented mare’s milk), the beer of the nomads.

Peking Duck

Special Peking Duck dinner at one of Beijing’s leading theme restaurants. Wrapping up the day is a feast featuring what is surely the world’s best-known Chinese delicacy, Peking Duck, at one of China’s most famous theme restaurants

  • Tsar’s feast on train
Picnic on Lake Baikal
Mongolian Picnic in a yurt