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Trans-Siberian Handbook (Trailblazer)

A guide to the world's longest rail journey which is packed with practical information on arranging a trip. Includes a mile-by-mile guide to the Trans-Siberian, Trans-Manchurian and Trans-Mongolian routes.

Author: Bryn Thomas
Publisher: Trailblazer Publications
480 pages

The Trans-Siberian Railway: A Traveller's Anthology

This new edition of a classic anthology takes us through the tremendous achievement of the railway s construction across harsh, unsettled lands through the earliest journeys of Western travellers and the trains on which they travelled, and their descriptions of fellow travellers, food, scenery, domestic arrangements, adventures on and off the train, convicts, revolution and war as the train carried them through a lonely, lovely landscape.

Author: Deborah Manley
Publisher: Signal Books Ltd
320 pages

The Trans-Siberian Railway: From Moscow to the Pacific Ocean

Some 10,000 kilometres (6,200 miles) of track and seven time zones! Luxury trains and simple wagons, endless taiga and the clearest lake in the world: a trip with Trans-Siberian Railroad promises many highlights. Anne and Olaf Meinhardt spent six months traveling through the gorgeous landscape of Siberia towards Mongolia and China, have tasted borscht, picnicked at the shores of Lake Baikal and strolled through dreamy birch forests. Impressive photos and special reports tell the tale of the expanse and beauty of the different landscapes.

Author: Olaf Meinhardt, Anne Meinhardt
Publisher: C J Bucher Verlag
200 pages

The Gentleman from Finland: Adventures on the Trans-Siberian Express

Two days aboard what he believes is the Trans-Siberian Express, the author discovers he's on the wrong train. It is 1987, and he is traveling in the Soviet Union, holding a train voucher that mistakenly identifies him as a Finn. In fact, he is a short, dark-skinned Mexican-American-Russian Jew, who speaks only enough Russian to proclaim that he is Bob, the tourist from America. As the trip unfolds, what begins as the fulfillment of a childhood dream becomes a journey with a cast of characters worthy of a Russian novel. A grim old woman takes his only pair of shoes.

Author: Robert M. Goldstein
230 pages

The Great Railway Bazaar: by Train Through Asia

The Orient Express; The Khyber Pass Local; the Delhi Mail from Jaipur; the Golden Arrow of Kuala; the Trans-Siberian Express; these are just some of the trains steaming through Paul Theroux's epic rail journey from London across Europe through India and Asia.

Author: Paul Theroux
Publisher: Penguin
384 Pages

The Trans-Siberian Railway Encyclopedia

By Robert A. Walker, Esq.
The book is over 1,100 pages with over 1,000 color photos, maps, and illustrations developed over 20 years of traveling through Russia – and two years residence there.


Moscow-Vladivostok: Virtual Journey on Google Maps

The joint project of Google and the Russian Railways lets you take a trip along the famous route and see Baikal, Khekhtsirsky range, Barguzin mountains, Yenisei river and many other picturesque places of Russia without leaving your house.

The Adventure Geezer

On April 29 Don and Katherine left for Mother Russia for a 16-day private train journey from Moscow to Beijing. Follow their Trans-Siberian adventures through three of the largest, most exotic countries in the world.

Grannies on Safari

Never in my dreams did I expect to be on a luxury train traveling from Moscow to Beijing! So when we began our trip, I was delighted to journey into a part of Russia that I only knew from films and stories about the Cold War …