The Benefits of Traveling with Lernidee

What We Do Best

  • Alternating overnights in your train compartment and in deluxe or first class hotels
  • Profound insights into Russian, Mongolian and Chinese culture on one tour
  • Approved guide system with three tour guides (chief, personal and local tour guide)
  • Numerous excursions including Great Wall, boat tour on Lake Baikal, ride on the otherwise closed tracks of the Transsiberian around Lake Baikal, barbecue at the lake, caviar and vodka tasting, Siberian tea time, Mongolian horseman show and many more
  • Luggage service at train stations
  • All transfers at your travel destinations
  • For your safety: Doctor on board
  • Showers on board
  • All meals included, menus with culinary specialties of Russia, Mongolia and China
  • Traditional Russian welcoming ceremony with bread, salt and balalaika
  • Entertaining lectures on local culture, history and everyday life
  • Detailed travel documents, travel guides and personal log book
  • Extras of your personal choice
Caviar - On Board the Private Train

Your Dream Journey. Designed by You. Engineered by Us

  • Professional threefold tour guide-system: knowledgeable and dedicated tour director, a competent group guide as well as several local guides, all equipped with expert knowledge of the region
  • We make your many different stops a comfortable, secure experience: certified quality made in Germany
  • Numerous travel variants including preand post-tours to Shanghai, Hongkong, Tibet and Saint Petersburg
  • Choice of numerous different dates and possibilities to combine with your favorite pre- and post-tours
  • Tailor-made itineraries: Charter tours on every section of the route according to your wishes
  • We comply with all individual special requests possible: Access to forbidden zones and extra opening hours
  • Varied compartment classes from economy to exclusive
  • Sophisticated on-board programme and a comprehensive excursion and sightseeing package