Siberia: In the Middle of Somewhere

by Jim Loomis on 21 July 2012,
“I’m not sure what to expect from Siberia — pine and birch forests with an occasional gulag, perhaps — but I’ll soon be experiencing the real thing as my train rolls out of Moscow’s Kazan station and heads east, rattling through a series of switches and out onto the main line. It’s the start of a 12-day, 4000-mile rail journey that will take us across Siberia and to Mongolia before heading south into China and, eventually, to Beijing.”

Trans-Siberian Express: A window on Russia

by Gabriella Le Breton on 01 Aug 2010,
“Never did I dream I would experience the first few miles of the Trans-Siberian railway standing on the locomotive. Smiling through the raindrops, I peered across Lake Baikal, which alternately glittered in sunshine and darkened to slate as clouds scudded across the sky. “

Trans-Siberian Express: Age of the train

Saturday, February 19, 2011.
As modelling work in Irkutsk is hard to come by, Katja pays the bills by cutting hair. “It’s sad but true,” she said to me as she trimmed my beard in my hotel’s salon. “The women out here are all beautiful. But not the men. The men are smart, but not pretty. But it’s what we’ve needed to survive.”

A Siberian Odyssey

by Roger Norum on Winter 2010 / 2011 World Of Cruising Magazine.
“For the next two weeks I was aboard a magic carpet of a train known as the Tsar’s Gold. The 22 Soviet-built carriages were luxury dachas on wheels, complete with six chefs, dozens of waiters and attendants, umpteen guides, multiple engineers, a doctor and an accordion player. My beloved little bedroom, an airconditioned, carpeted cabin with private shower, felt way cosier than the flat I rent in London. At 7.33pm on the dot, the chaos of Beijing faded slowly away as the train pulled out. There is something uncanny and wonderful about being able to call a train home for more than a few hours. Back home, the railroad is a mode of transport to get you from A to B. But here, life aboard the Trans- Siberian became something completely different. “