Food and Drink

Enjoy Regional Cuisine

On your private train, expect classic Russian fare, which expertly combines potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, fish and meat. Off the train, be sure to sample some Russian Black Bread (a dense rye bread) with butter. Also try smoked omul (a local fish) at Lake Baikal, which they serve either hot or cold. And don't forget the Blini! (Russian pancakes, sometimes made from cottage cheese.) A *vodka tasting is inescapable, and it’s always 80 proof. Be sure to try the local flavors, made from cranberry or pine. For a non-alcoholic drink, try Kvass (aka ‘Russian cola’), a carbonated, fermented bread-based drink.

In Mongolia, be brave and taste the array of yak milk-derived products, such as aaruul (dried curd), yoghurt and suutei tsai (tea with milk).

In China, avoid the very sweet red wine and sample the beer instead—Tsingtao is a decent choice. In Beijing, the signature dish is Peking duck.