The Legendary Silk Road by Private Train

Stretching from the Caspian Sea to the Tien Shan Mountains, the Central Asian countries of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are richly endowed with history and culture, a flavour of which you will sample on this exciting journey by Private Train.

Samarkand - Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan by Private Train

The Legendary Silk Road from Taschkent to Samarkand

  • 14 Sep – 19 Sep 2017 (10 Days)
  • 23 Sep – 02 Oct 2017 (10 Days)

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“Our local guide, Gozel, was a gem, a 58 year old woman who spoke excellent English, wore beautiful Turkmen long dresses with elaborate embroidery, and gave us all the relative information about the places we visited with just the right amount of humour. (…)
Did I enjoy the Legendary Silk Road Train? Most definitely. Would I take another train trip? Absolutely.”